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There exists, in reality, an unbounded Source of free energy. Man harnesses it normally, in limited ways, some of which is expedient (used for happiness and healing such as found in the ancient arts of yoga, chi gong, tai chi, acupuncture, magnetic healing, sound healing, music therapy, color and light healing, and the like). Some is used for medical diagnosis and treatment like ultrasound, electro-acupuncture, TENS, Cold Laser therapy, Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TCS), and Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
Energy used efficiently is both a science and an art empowering man and furthering life.

3,000 years ago, the ancient Qigong masters in China were practicing their meditative discipline to balance and invigorate the human energy field. They called this vital energy that pervades all forms, both animate and inanimate, Chi. The Chi is the vital energy of the body; while gong means the skill of moving this Chi and healing with the intention of the mind. Practitioners use mind control to move and control the Chi- to not only improve health and longevity, but also to enhance awareness, psychic powers, and spiritual development. The ancient Chi-gong masters also developed Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and the martial arts. In addition, they made the first model for acupuncture. Acupuncturists insert needles, or use moxa, or put magnets at specific acupuncture points to balance the yin and yang of the human energy field. When the Chi is balanced, the entity has good health. When the Chi is unbalanced, the entity has poor or impaired health.

Within the body, within each organ, within each cell, within each molecule, and every atom, there exists many energy patterns, circuits, resonant vortices, and matrices. It is this intelligent energetic interaction between the atom and the universe, between body and mind, between creation and creative source, nature and infinite spirit, embodiment and formless unity which has fascinated me all my life. It is to this mystery that this work is dedicated.

Christ Energy Chi-Gong is a laying on of hands through guided messages, while using the intention of the mind to bring about harmony and healing within the body. Energy blockages from toxic foods, chemicals, electromagnetic pollution, as well as toxic emotions can bring about disharmony in body, mind and spirit.

The energy of Christ, through invocation, comes through my hands to help rebalance the whole person. Relaxation, joy, peace, freedom from pain and anxiety, increased energy and a strong sense of reclaiming your own sacred power and light are achieved.



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